The Star Online teams up with Netcore Smartech

June 17, 2019

PETALING JAYA – Netcore Solutions, a global marketing technology company today announced that The Star Online, the flagship brand of Star Media Group Berhad, a Malaysia-based organisation has partnered with its AI-powered behavioural analytics and multi-channel customer engagement suite – Netcore Smartech.

The Omni-channel Marketing Automation feature of Netcore Smartech will help The Star Online to consolidate customer communications on a single platform and further orchestrate their marketing campaigns as per a customer’s channel and device preferences.

Since its launch on June 23, 1995, as Malaysia’s first news website, The Star Online has always striven to provide readers with up-to-date breaking news, compelling content and insightful opinions.

Their content includes current news, business, sports, community, tech, lifestyle, world news, as well as expert analysis and dynamic videos.

The objective is to ensure that The Star Online users receive content recommendations on their preferred channel and time, thereby boosting customer engagement and retention.

As an established and trusted news source, it was vital for The Star Online to reaffirm its position as the preferred source of news and content, further customising the advertising experience for every user.

This was only possible by creating a holistic view of the customer’s lifecycle and then targeting them based on their time, channel and device of choice.

The AI-powered support and expert guidance of Netcore Smartech will help The Star Online to overcome the technological limitations, thereby creating a robust automation process to drive hyper-personalised marketing campaigns at scale.

“Our intent is to improve communication with our readers. The idea is to listen to them, understand their behaviour and then deliver based on these needs and behaviours.

“We want to create a seamless journey for our readers where they receive news articles on their preferred channel and time.

“We are optimistic that Netcore Smartech will take us one step closer to creating that experience for our consumers,” said the senior general manager for digital product and analytics of Star Media Group, Freddy Loo.

While the group CEO of Netcore Solutions, Kalpit Jain told that personalised communication is the best way to engage with a user today.

“Not only does it build a better journey for the customer, it also helps in enhancing the brand’s identity.

“Our aim is to help The Star Online embrace the goodness of Artificial Intelligence Marketing by delivering personalised brand campaigns, thereby building a robust customer journey and improved user experience,” said him. -Bernama

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