“We Care We Act”: 149 kg rubbish collected in Labuan beach cleaning

November 9, 2019

LABUAN – More than 500 participants had recently joined the World Cleanup Day organised by JCI Labuan at Labuan International Sea Sports Complex.

The chairperson of JCI Labuan, Caris Teo told that a total of 149 kg of rubbish was collected from the half-day beach cleanup programme where people of all ages enthusiastically took part in the event.

”JCI Labuan is focusing more on creating environmental awareness this year; and targeting children to instill good waste management practice at a young age,” said Teo.

The five R’s (recycle, reduce, refuse, reuse and rot) booths on waste management were opened during the day where it did attract a large number of visitors.

In the event, a colouring contest was held for the children; while they were engaging in question and answer session through the talks to create environmental awareness among them.

Environmentalist, Datuk Dr Dionysius Sharma and invited speakers from Fishery Department were present to share their knowledge about the importance of preserving the environment.

The collected rubbish comprising 760 kg of paper products, 3.8 kg aluminium cans, 8.4 kg steel cans, and 4 kg plastic bottles.

At last year, JCI Labuan had carried out massive beach cleaning at Rancha Rancha Industrial Estate where a total of 1.5 tons of waste was collected.

The public were invited to bring their collected recyclable wastes to the recycle booth set up by Tzu Chi Foundation.

Meanwhile, JCI Labuan thanked to all sponsors and supports from the government agencies, non-government organisations and private business entities.

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